Switzerland wins the 4^Cup delle Alpi (Disabled people)

Yesterday afternoon (on Sunday 17th March 2019) was held the 4^Cup delle Alpi Category Open (Disabled people) at Palacairoli in Lainate (MI) where 4 representative national Teams participated: Italy, Switzerland, Repubblica di San Marino and Principato di Seborga.


Since the beginning of the two semifinals it seemed an interesting match, full of team spirit and movement. At the end of the match, the Swiss Team won fot 7-2 on Italy thanks to the goals of Yvan Gentizon e Samuel Lowen.


Here the results:

Semifinal 1: Italy vs Repubblica di San Marino 4-0

Semifinal 2: Switzerland vs Principato di Seborga 5-1


Final 3˚- 4 ˚ position: Repubblica di San Marino vs Principato di Seborga 4-2

Final 1 ˚-2 ˚ position: Italy vs Switzerland 2-7


A special thanks goes to the Association “Movimusica” of Micaela Bussini for the show they offered during the event.