Black Shadow Cesano amazing winning in Coppa Lombardia 2019!

Black Shadow Cesano amazing winning in Coppa Lombardia 2019!

Coppa Regione Lombardia for male clubs has played last Saturday 12th January at sports centre Planet Soccer in Cesano Maderno (MB) to which has attended 6 teams: Las Palmas Milano , FC Altopiano , Futsal Cesano , ASD Tubo Rosso , Rapid Lugano and Black Shadow.

In the following competitions’ results which have rewarded unexpectedly Cesano Maderno’s Team of Black Shadow:

Tournament A results:

Las Palmas Mi – FC Altopiano 4-0

FC Altopiano – Futsal Cesano 3-3

Las Palmas Mi – Futsal Cesano 8-2

Tournament B results:

ASD Tubo Rosso – Rapid Lugano 4-2

Rapid Lugano – Black Shadow 1-2

ASD Tubo Rosso – Black Shadow 4-1

Final for 5th and 6th places: Futsal Cesano (3A) vs Rapid Lugano (3B) 5-6 D.C.R.

Semifinal 1: Las Palmas Mi (1A) vs Black Shadow (2B) 3-6

Semifinal 2: ASD Tubo Rosso (1B) vs FC Altopiano (2A) 5-2

Final for 3rd and 4th places: Las Palmas Mi (Perd. Sem. 1) – FC Altopiano (Perd. Sem.) 4-2

Final for 1st and 2nd places: Black Shadow (Vinc. Sem 1) – ASD Tubo Rosso (Vinc. Sem) 7-5

Best player: Cice Marco – Black Shadow

Best doormen: Mauri Manuel – ASD Tubo Rosso

Team Black Shadow , Tubo Rosso , Las Palmas Milano and FC Altopiano are gaining access to Italy Cup 2019 quarter final which will take place on the first 15 days of May.