On Saturday 12 January male regional lombardy cup 2019 and female winter cup quarter finals in Cesano Maderno (MB).

The regional lombardy cup 2019 will be held next Saturday 12 January. The  regional lombardy cup 2019 is dedicated to the male clubs, and there are 6 formations: Las Palmas Milano (winner edition 2018), FC altopiano, Futsal Cesano, ASD Tubo Rosso, Rapid Lugano and Black Shado. This is the timetable for the games


15,00 G1A: Las Palmas Mi – FC Altopiano G1B: ASD Tubo Rosso – Rapid Lugano
15,30 G2A: FC Altopiano – Futsal Cesano G2B: Rapid Lugano – Black Shadow
16,00 G3A: Las Palmas Mi – Futsal Cesano G3B: ASD Tubo Rosso – Black Shadow
16,30 Final 5°-6° (3A vs 3B) —————————–
17,00 Semifinal 1: 1A vs 2B Semifinal 2: 1B vs 2A
17,30 Final 1°-2°: Win. Sem 1 – Win. Sem 2

Final 3°-4°: Los. Sem. 1 – Los. Sem.2


Quarter final female Winter cup’s games 2018/2019 will take place at the 18:30 with these mathings

Quarter 1: Invorio Munaro vs Lainate Futsal

Quarter 2: Pavia C5 vs Ju Cambra Cameri