The Continental Cup 2018 – Italy win the trophy!

In the last day of the Continental Cup 2018  Italy win the trophy against Albania.

To deliver the trophy, the individual awards and the medals to all the participants is the organizer of the Tournament Maurizio Piombino and the Assessor of the Sport of the Lainate’s Municipalities Ivo Merli.


Ivan Kultan took the award  as best goalkeeper and Shehu Mentor the award as MVP of the competition.


Final Classification:

  1. Italia
  2. Albania
  3. Marocco
  4. Francia
  5. Svizzera
  6. Regno Unito


Final 1°-2° place : Italia – Albania 7-6

Italy right away made a goal by Alemao Glaeser  and when the match is 6 to 0 for Italy it appears that the game is donee. But the Albanian respond to Italy and the match ended with 7 to 6.


Final 3°-4° posto: Marocco – Francia 11-0

The derby francophone with Marocco that conquered the third place with a result of 11 to 0


Final 5°-6° posto: Svizzera – Regno Unito 8-6

More equilibrate the match for the 5° place. At the end won the Swiss , thanks also to the goalkeeper that win the award as the best goalkeeper.


Friendly match Academy FIFS C13

Before the final, the children of the Academy FIFS C13, had played a friendly match.