Continental Cup 2018 – The result of the Second Day: Albania and Italy in final.

The second day full of meeting and emotion that took place in the Pala Nelson Mandela of Lainate (MI), which had been decreed the calendar of the final of this Sunday.

Here the classification of the two days  :

  • Tournement A: Albania 6 punti; Marocco 3 punti; Svizzera 0 punti;
  • Tournemen B: Italia 6 punti; Francia 3 punti; Regno Unito 0 punti.


The matches of the tournament A 

The Switzerland put in a difficult position the Marocco, indeed the first time finished 1 to 1. But at the end the Marocco pick up the match and made 3 goals. The final result is 4 to 2.


Incredible match in which have competed Albania and Marocco. The last one was a little unlucky because he couldn’t realize a series of actions. The match at the end finished 12 to 7 and it was the Albania to go straight away to the final.


 The matches of the tournament B

It was balanced the match between France and United Kingdom, in which the english take all theirs powers to not finish the match to 0. But at the end the match finished 3 to 2 for the Franch


Match with no way between Italy and United Kingdom. The “Azzurri” went directly on the final with a result od 12 to 3.


Program Sunday 9 December


Following, the calendar of the final:

  • Ore 10.00: Finale 5°- 6° posto (Svizzera – Regno Unito)
  • Ore 12.00: Finale 3°- 4° posto (Marocco – Francia)
  • Ore 14.00: Gara Amichevole Categoria C20
  • Ore 15.30: Finale 1° – 2° posto (Albania – Italia).