Continental Cup 2018 – The result of the first day

The Continental Cup 2018 is begun, a non competitive international manifestation reserved to the National Men Team, organized in the Pala Nelson Mandela, Address Circonvallazione Ovest 1, Lainate (MI).

At the end of the first day this is the classification of the two days:

  • Tournament A: Albania 3 punti, Svizzera 0 punti, Marocco 0 punti;
  • Tournament B: Italia 3 punti, Francia 0 punti, Regno Unito 0 punti.

The match of the tournament A 

There’s no way in the march between Albania and Swiss, finished 16 to 5. The  technical difference between the teams was quite dissimilar however the Swiss had never gave up.

The match of the tournament B

More balanced the match between France and Italy, in which the final result it’a 2 to 3. The Italian, who is leader is Luca Licini, after have recuperate the disadvantage at the beginning, made 2 goals.


At 21.00, before the second match, in the inaugural ceremony there were some special guest of the beautiful dancer of the ASD Champion’s Touch Lainate of Marco Zingarelli.


Friendly Match Fc Lainatese – Osaf Lainate

The Continental Cup has been introduced by the Lainatese’S Derby between the little of the Category C8 in which the winner had been the joy and the fun.


Program of Saturday 8 December

Following the calendar :

  • At 9.00: Gare del Campionato FIFS Open;
  • At 15.00: Switzerland – Marocco;
  • At 17.00: France – United Kingdom;
  • At 19.00: Albania – Marocco;
  • At 21.00: Italy – United Kingdom.