Italian Super Cup Open Category (Disabled) 2018 – Win the Dream Team Piacenza and Ticinia Novara!

On Sunday 23 October in the beautiful setting of Pala Ravizza in Pavia were played the two finals of the Italian Super Cup Open Category (Diversamente Abili).

In the first game valid for the second division supercup, the ASD Pavia C5 and the ASD Dream Team Piacenza challenged each other. Balanced game until the end of regular time with both teams that do not spare. First fraction of the game that ends with the Pavia C5 in advantage for a goal to zero, but the Dream Team Piacenza, in the second half, manages to return to the game grabbing the draw and also taking the lead canceled in the last minutes with the second goal of the Pavia C5. The score at the end of regular time is set at 2 to 2. At the end is the Dream Team Piacenza to take the cup home by winning the lottery of penalties, with the final result, 5 to 4

ASD Pavia C5 – ASD Dream Team Piacenza : 4-5 (2-2 end of regulation time)

In the second match of Italian Super Cup Open Category – I division the CLS Saronno Robur has opposed to Ticinia Novara. A one-way match in the first half with Ticinia who wins with a round 6 to 0, but Saronno Robur does not lose heart and tries to get back into the game by scoring two goals in the first minutes of the second half. Saronno continues to look for goals to shorten the disadvantage but it is the Ticinia Novara, who manages to score 3 goals in the second stage, to take the match and the cup home with the result of 2 to 9.

Cls Saronno Robur – Ticinia Novara 2 – 9

Thanks go to all the teams and boys who took part in this competition, to Cip Pavia, in the figure of Elio Imbres, Pavia Coni, with his delegate Luciano Cremoneni who personally wanted to reward the boys and to all the public of Pala Ravizza who wanted to follow these exciting challenges.