Brianza Opening Cup 2018: The Gardeners win

Friday, July 13 at the sports center Planet Soccer Cesano Maderno (MB) was finally played the long-awaited Brianza Opening Cup 2018. The teams that took part in the competition were: Academy FIFS, L’ Atletico Lombardo, Antonio F.C., United Team, The Gardeners, Athletic Pippao and New Team Fc who competed in two groups with matches from 15′ minutes not effective and then entered the final phase of the tournament with the semifinals and final.

With a good audience frame, the two rounds were held to determine who could enter the final phase. That’s how the meetings went:


  • FIFS Academy – Antonio FC 4-0
  • FIFS Academy – The Atletico Lombardo 5-0
  • United Team – Antonio FC 4-1
  • FIFS Academy – United Team 7-1
  • The Lombard Athletic – Antonio FC 2-1
  • United Team – L’Atletico Lombardo 4-0


  • FIFS Academy 1st
  • United Team 2nd
  • Athletic Lombardy 3rd
  • Antonio FC 4th


  • The Gardeners – New Team FC 2-0
  • The Gardeners – Athletic Pippao 3-1
  • Athletic Pippao – New Team FC 4-1


  • The Gardeners 1st
  • Athletic Pippao 2nd
  • New Team FC 3rd

At the end of the group stage, the knockout matches were held to determine the final classification.

In the game for the 6th-7th place, Antonio FC won with a round 4 to 1 against New Team FC winning the passage in the next challenge for the fifth position against L’Atletico Lombardo, also imposing himself against these with the result of 5 to 3

The two semi-finals saw the FIFS Academy compete against Athletic Pippao in field 1 and The Gardeners against United Team in field 2. To have the better and access to the final were the FIFS Academy, victory suffered for 1 to 0, and The Gardeners, with a dry 3 to 0.

Before the final, the match for 3rd – 4th position was held. The guys from Athletic Pippao took 5th to 2nd against United Team

The final game saw two teams able to win their groups: Academy FIFS and The Gardeners. The match was very tough and both teams gave the idea of winning it during the match. Eventually The Gardeners managed to get it, with the result of 1 to 0, and so he graduated champion of the Brianza Opening Cup 2018.

The evening ended with the award ceremony of The Gardeners but individual prizes were also awarded. The prize for best goalkeeper went to Lorenzo Magnani, Athletic Pippao’s gateman, while the prize for best player went to Fabio Galli of The Gardeners.


I. The Gardeners

II. FIFS Academy

III. Athletic Pippao IV.

IV. United Team

V. Antonio F.C.

VI. The Atletico Lombardo

VII. New Team FC

Best goalkeeper: Lorenzo Magnani

Best player: Fabio Galli