Saturday in pink for the Futsal AMF: the CSR.D Azalee wins the women’s Cup in Lombardy; Invorio C5 and AD Maiora go to the quarter finals of the Italian Cup 2018

The last Saturday 7 April has been a day dedicated to the pink Futsal AMF, that took place at the last moment at the Tensostruttura Sports Center of Pogliano Milanese (via Camillo Chiesa), because of a displacement due to a boiler failure in the Sports Center of Cesano Maderno.

In the afternoon there has been the Female Lombardia Cup, won at the end by the CSR.D. Azalee.

The first semi-final, between Sansone and CSR.D. Azalee, has been won by the last one 7 at 5 at the shootouts, after the number 10 Silvia Romani dragged them with three goals.

The second semi-final, between Travagliato C5 and Uni Milano, finished with a victory 7 at 3 for the students. It has been decisive the triplet of Laura Zerbetto. Despite the defeat, it should be pointed out the performance of Concetta Sergi, that did all the goals of her team.

In the third match it was expected a match between the two losers of the semi-finals. Between Sansone and Travagliato, the first one won 5 at 2, bringing home the third place. Therefore it is not been enough the excellent performance of the yellow-blue captain Laura Armanni.

The last match, the final between CSR.D. Azalee and Uni Milano, has been won by the girls of Katia Ferrario with a 7 at 4, crowning them the champions of this last edition of the Lombardia Cup. Incredible performance of Manuela Seghetto, who scored 3 goals.

During the evening, it has been played the Fourth round of the Italian Cup 2018.

In the first match, between Invorio C5 and Lainate Futsal, an overwhelming victory 12 at 2 for the girls of Bruno Vicario. Particulary inspired Veronica Pavone, author of 7 goals.

In the second match, between Pavia C5 and AD Maiora, the last one won 6 at 0.


Here below, the complete calendar of the next appointments in the Female Italian Cup 2018:

Quarter Finals

Thursday 19 April 2018 – Palestra Via Rossetti Martorelli, Dairago (MI)

H 9.30 p.m. match 5: ASD Bulè Dairagirls (2^Gir. Andata Campionato) vs Team Sansone (3^Coppa Lombardia 2018)

Saturday 21 April 2018 – Tensostruttura Centro Sportivo, Via Camillo Chiesa, Pogliano Milanese

H 4,15 p.m. Match 6: Academy FIFS (1^Gir. Andata Campionato) vs Travagliato C5 (4^Coppa Lombardia 2018)

H 6,00 p.m. Match 4: AD Maiora (Vincente Gara 2) vs UNI Milano (2^Coppa Lombardia 2018)

H 7,45 p.m. Match 3: Invorio C5 ( Vincente Gara 1) vs CSR.D. Azalee (1^Coppa Lombardia 2018)


Saturday 5 Maggio 2018 – Tensostruttura Centro Sportivo, Via Camillo Chiesa, Pogliano Milanese

H 5,00 p.m. Match 7: Winner Match 4 vs Winner Match 6;

H 6,45 p.m. Match 8: Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 5;

Final match Coppa Italia 2018 – Sabato 9 Giugno – Palasport da Definire

H 6,00 p.m. Match 9: Winner Match 7 vs Winner Match 8;