Interview with Project Sicurezza Administrator, New Sponsor of FIFS

Our press office interviewed Davide Zanchi, Managing Director of Project Sicurezza, a month’s Top Sponsor of the Italian Football Sala Federation.

Today, this important agreement between FIFS and Project Sicurezza is born, what is the proof and why to support this cause?

First and foremost for Project Sicurezza is an honor and a pride in being the Institutional Top Sponsor of the Italian Football Sala Federation because we combine all the values ​​of sport, including the passion in the football field and out of it, necessary for achieving a common goal; respect for companions and opponents, comparable to that of their collaborators and competitors in the field of work; the loyalty linked to achieving goals honestly and team spirit, but above all, the improvement through mistakes made in the past, this is the spirit of our society that since its foundation has supported various sports realities.

What is Project Sicurezza and what is its history?

Project Sicurezza is a company founded in Milan in 2000 and it is working autonomously in the security sector for the buildings and those who live there. The company deals with the sale and installation in Milan and all over northern Italy of products of safety as well as for the anti-theft system, the video surveillance system or the smoke detection system for the civil, commercial and industrial sectors.

In November, the National Team will be involved in the AMF World Cup in Spain, what do you think about the work done in the Women’s Sector?

Sincerely football has always been passionate at all levels, so I have to compliment FIFS for the work done in the Women’s Sector, I documented with President Paderni and CT Davide Del Giudice of the Progress made in last period of time and I’m really impressed with how much dedication and professionalism is being made to this project, I believe that the group will be able to represent Italy, by my professional engagement, and hopefully to be present in Spain to give my support to the group and FIFS.

To know all the activities of Davide Zanchi and Project Sicurezza we invite you to visit the site