Las Palmas Milan wins the Italian Supercup against Ticinia Novara in an exciting match

In front of the more than 100 people present at the Cinisello Balsamo sports hall, Las Palmas C5 Milan has raised the Italian Supercoppa, knocking Ticinia Novara with a final score of 5 to 4.

Chekola’s boys go strong with the network of Mendes De Gois but Ticinia immediately shouts with Carabellese. Before the end of the first half, Las Palmas re-launches with Spampinato’s net, but re-balances Rocha’s accounts after a few seconds. At the double whistle of the referee the result is 2 to 2.
At the start of the second part of the game, they are again headed in front of Milan with Joao Renato Costa but mysterious Davide Del Giudice does not want to lose and scorns 3 to 3. Costa is finally knocked out and has two rows in a row (triplet for him at the end of the game) Who bring Las Palmas 5 to 3. Carabellese’s goal gives a flame of hope to his teammates but in the end are Checola’s boys to raise the so-called trophy with the final score of 5 to 4.

Before the match a friendly match was also held between the children of the US Oratorio San Pio XI, finished 3 to 2 in favor of the US Hope Green, thanks to the double of Marcello Boscaro.
Friendly match with great fun, with the children who came out of the game parquet with a huge smile printed on their face, waiting to see the great show of adults as it happened then.
He also performed the dancing body of the Dance Project AZ Cinisello Dance Master Barbara Zitelli, who cheered the present in the interval between the two games.

Our most sincere thanks go to the whole municipality of Cinisello Balsamo for allowing our federation to realize this wonderful event, especially the vice mayor, as well as sports councilor Luca Ghezzi.
Finally, we must also thank Oratorio San Pio XI and the ASD Progetto Danza Cinisello, as well as the players and the fans, which made this Supercoppa a truly wonderful event.