Academy FIFS wins Cup Region Lombardia 2017

It was held last night on May 25 at the PalaCairoli of Lainate in Via Cairoli 32, Lainate (MI), the 2017 edition of the Cup Region Lombardia valid for the Women’s category.

At the tournament took part the two teams of the Women’s Championship, Academy Fifs and Garage Bar Mozzate plus the No name Milan and Pavia.

The program included 2 semifinals and the final two for the 1st and 3rd place.

In the first semifinal they approached the Garage Bar Mozzate and No Name Milano at its first participation.

A well-balanced game that ended only with penalty kick for a total score of 4-3 for the Garage Bar.

In the second semifinal they met Pavia and the Accademy Fifs.

There has not been any match with the fresh Championship winning team that has paved the Pavia’s opponents with a score of 11-0

Pavia then reached No Name Milano for the final 3 and 4th place.

The match was full of goals even though always in control of the Milan team that won for 9 goals at 4.

Finally, in the final 1 and 2 place, the two roses that have been batting for the title of Champions, the Accademy FIFS and the Garage Bar Mozzate, have also come to the end. A very fought match that saw the Garabe Bar pass on the lead. Except then be recovered from the experience of the most qualified players of the Academy. The match ended on the result of 3-1 for the team trained by Mr. Del Giudice who thus bets the success achieved in the Championship by completing a fantastic Double.

You can stripe the beautiful evening in the photo gallery of the site and on the FB page of the Federation.

Soon, the Interviews and the Video Summary of the Cup

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