10th Edition of the “A. Olivetti School Tournament”

This morning, in the “Tennis Club Mazzino” in Mazzo di Rho took place the tenth edition of the “Olivetti School Tournament” organized by the Italian Federation of Football Sala in collaboration with the A. Olivetti Professional Institute.

120 students from both boys and girls took part in the event. The tournament took place in single-time 10-minute games. The boy students formed 8 teams while the girl students were divided into 7 roses. In the two playgrounds devoted respectively to the male and female category, they were faced with eliminating group matches and finales.

The morning was the occasion for integration and growth for both young students and for the Federation, always open to the simple enthusiasts of the Game and not properly professional athletes. It is important for the growth of the Movement to bring the Football Sala also and above all to schools, where often tomorrow’s champions come out.

Worthy thanks go to the Federation Referees, Chinelli, Rianna and Talarico, who have agreed to participate and direct the various matches. And above all thanks to the A. Olivetti Institute and its Professors who have come to the tenth year of collaboration with FIFS.

We just have to renew your appointment at the next edition of the Tournament.