FIFS Lombardia Women’s Cup

On Thursday, May 25, from 8.30 pm, at the PalaCairoli in Lainate, the Women’s Lombardia Cup, which will take part in the Academy FIFS, No Name Milano, Garage Bar Mozzate and Pavia.

The tournament will begin at 20.30 with the first semi-finals between Garage Bar Mozzate and No Name Milano, while at 21.10 will face Academy FIFS against Pavia.
The third and fourth place finish will kick off at 21.50 and the first-second at 22.30. At the end of the event there will be prizes directly on the field.

Each game has two unsuccessful 15 minute strokes.


  • First semifinal 20.30: Garage Bar – No Name Milan
  • Second semifinal 21.10: Academy FIFS – Pavia
  • Final third-fourth place at 21.50
  • Finish first-second place at 22.30