Lega FIVE FIFS, closed the Regular Season, here are the results

During the evening of yesterday it takes place the replay of the 9° day of Lega Five FIFS in which,  Ticinia Novara and Isan Group face at Pala dal lago in Novara.

From the beginning the match is balanced  and Isan Group obtains an adavantage with the goals of Piscitiello, Genovese and Caputo but the black-green team doesn’t accept it and try to recover with Napolitano and Surface. The first part of the match ends with the advantage of Isan Group 3-2.

In the second part of the match the Ticinia Novara warm up and the number 4 Giuseppe Surface, in a splendid moment, carry on with a poker; the Isan group struggles in the recover and try with the goal of Ruggieri but it is not sufficient. The match ends with the victory of Ticinia Novara with the result of 7-4 and start to worry the teams in the second position.

In the meanwhile, at Palacairoli of Lainate, takes place the awaited match between Lainate futsal and AG Turbo Chiocciole Novara. From the beginning, the match is really anxious and the teams pay attention to not compromise themselves and fight every ball, but the AG Turbochiocciole Novara obtains an adavtange with the goals of Borgia, Rossignoli and Tortora. Lainate Futsal, under the guide of the new mister Alessio Arezzi, try to react with the goals of Granato but the first part of the match ends with the result of 3-1 for the guest.

During the recovery Lainate doesn’t want accept the defeat and reacts with a remuntada with 8 goals and they fly at the result of 9-3 for the host, gaining a decisive victory in order to compete for the final title.


 Ticinia Novara-Isan Group 7-4
Lainate Futsal- AG Turbochiocciole Novara 9-3
L’Atletico Lombardo – Team Ticino 0-6
1.  Team Ticino 25 points
2. Lainate Futsal 18 points
3. Ag Turbochiocciole Novara 15 points
4. Isan Group 13 points
5. Ticinia Novara 13 points
6. L’ Atletico Lombardo  4 points
Mujic- Team Ticino- 29 net
Demircan-Team Ticino- 14 net
Granato- Lainate Futsal- 14 net
Farias Ramos Diogo- Team Ticino- 10 net
Colla- Lainate Futsal- 9 net
Genovese- Isan Group Novara- 9 net
Quesada- Team Ticino- 8 net
Ahmari- Team Ticino- 6 net
Edassouli- Lainate Futsal- 3 net
Tavecchio- L’Atletico Lombardo- 3 net
let’s renovate the invite for the final phase!