Program 9th day League Five FIFS

Finally tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28, will be played the recovery of the 9th day of the League Five FIFS. The schedule looks like very interesting with the surely exciting encounters. Here is the program that provides events at various locations between Milan and Novara.

Atletico Lombardo – Team Ticino

At 21:00, however, at the sports centre Giacinto Facchetti of Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) will take place a real spin. On one side the Ticino Team, star team in the tournament, which looks at all the top contenders of his 22 points and the other Atletico Lombardo who got one useful result so far thanks to a draw. Challenge facing unequal but you know that in the Football Sala the only judge is the field. Finally, another point of interest is the fighter of bomber Mujic to the thirtieth center in the competition, an impressive share that certifies the great striker of quality.

Lainate Futsal – AG Turbo Chiocciole Novara

At 21.30 at Palacairoli in Lainate will stage the match between Lainate and Turbochiocciole, perhaps the most anticipated which propose two paired teams in second place, both 15 points. The match is looming as the decisive figure out which team will contend for the league leaders the final victory, but it is essential to do points even to avoid losing ground on the pursuers. It will definitely be a great challenge and will weigh as much ball for both teams.

Ticinia Novara – Isan Group

The third event of the League Five will be hand in Novara, in particular at the Palasport dal Lago in Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This match, at 21.45, will oppose Ticinia Novara and Isan Group, fourth and fifth in the ranking, both with 10 points. This meeting will probably decide which team will try seriously to worry the two second advantage of direct confrontation. The Ticinia will try to assert the field factor, which on this occasion could be decisive, however Isan Group will look to continue in the wake of the good results obtained until now, in particular the last victory against Lainate.

Program Matches

Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti, Trezzano Sul Naviglio (MI), 21.00

Atletico Lombardo – Team Ticino

PalaCairoli of Lainate (MI), 21.30

Lainate Futsal – AG Turbochicciole Novara

Palasport Dal Lago, Novara 21.45

Ticinia Novara – Isan Group