CONI Lombardy receives the president of AMF dott. Rolando Alarcon Rios

The institutional appointments are continuing for the president of AMF Dott. Rolando Alarcon Rios and the general secretary Julio Notario, accompanied by the president of the Italian federation of futsal  Axel Paderni, which have been received at the CONI office of Lombardy by the president Oreste Perri, with the presence of the president CIP Pierangelo Santelli and the federal adviser Federico Castellani.  It is necessary to inform that there were also the presence of the historical president of the Italian federation  of Futsal Giovanni Caminiti, who led the federation from 1988 until 2009.

The Dott. Alarcon has been received  as president of the AMF and as the treasurer’s office of the olympic committee of Paraguay.