International matches in Berganzona

On Saturday the 11th of March two international matches were played between Italy and Switzerland, the first game was the between the two female representatives, while the second one was between the national police teams.

 The start was set at 16.00, when the referees Ferrari e Fortunati started the female match, on one side the female italian national team, managed by CT Davide Del Giudice, and on the other the red-crossed beach soccer national team that wanted to try Futsal.
It was a balanced match from the beginning, the Azzurre showed a very good ball possession and an excellent organization on the field , while on the other side the swiss girls used their phisicality to create some problem to Del giudice’s players.
The first half ended 0-0, both teams were in fact very fit.
In the second half the Swiss team conceded a goal from a free-kick by Bassi that found the way to the net.
The red crossed team tried to react but its attempts were stopped from the goalkeepers Sica e Malgrati. In the end Switzerland found its way to the goal with an headkick by Morger: the match ended 1-1, a good result for both teams.
After the game both the coaches were happy with the performance: coach Del Giudice said he was satisfied due to the fact that he noticed may things to improve vefore the world cup, while the swiss manager said she was proud of their performance.
At 18.00 it was the moment of the game between the police teams: since the beginning Italy put itself ahead of Switzerland with a beginning that set the score on 5-1. After the initial shock the redcrossed players managed to make the gap shorter and the first half ended with he result of 4-6.
The second half was more balnced than the first one, but Italy remained focused and managed to score 4 more goals, while Switzerland found the way to the goal twice with Lanfanchini and one by Bionda.
The final result was 7-9 for the italian team.