Novara’s double triumph in the OPEN Championship

It was held Sunday at the Palaverdi of Novara the 6th of OPEN Championship with two interesting matches valid for both the first and the second Division.

The first match was to challenge the league leaders Pad Busto and Ticinia Novara 2 formation that he had nothing more to ask of this tournament, which, however, has honored the most of the commitment. Already the first time suggests the Pad Busto that the formation of house will sell expensive the skin in fact the first portion does not disappoint the public come to attend the event which assists to goals from Palermo 2 times and the Parici single goal for Ticinia Novara while the other side to give show is Previate who scored a fine hat-trick. In the second half the two teams continue to battle, but to win is the formation of which, thanks to the other two goals of Palermo signing so your own personal poker, needless to guests at the meeting for the Previate network only fixed the result on the final 5 to 4.

Later we see the big match of the championship of First Division, including the CLS Robur Saronno and Ticinia Novara, the first part of the meeting is very balanced with the two teams that fight blow for blow in order to bring home the victory, the Novara’s one with training that is able to stretch and to close the first half on 7 to 4. In the second half we witness a show of local training that is able to neutralize the opponents and attempts to find six other goals with an excellent choral proof fixing so result on the final 13 to 4.