(Italiano) Intervista all’avv. Andrea Colombo presidente del Pavia C5

How can you value the first season of Pavia C5  in League B and the one of the under 21? which are the aspects that could be improved?
The season of League B is going in the way that we imagined. The Championship is really difficult, we are the only debuting society, so we choose to face the category with the boys that earned it and with the ones that honor this t-shirt.
We will fight until the last day. It is a good experience. The Leader Ivano Bruno is contributing to the technic growth.
The Under 21 team is working very good. It is a young group that will participate to the category of championship also next season. we have gained the play off, the goal that we had fixed at the beginning of the season, in addition we will choose some players in order to help the first team.
Each society has its vision and mission, which is the one of the Pavia Calcio a 5 society? are there some news for the next season?
Our way to make sport has ancient origins,seriousness, loyalty, respect. We work always planning in advance the next seasons, always doing step by step.
For the next season we will empower the academy, we will introduce the feminine team and we will start the School academy.
In the next June, at the Summer Campo organized by Blurrier Pavia, (that counts on 150 children per were, during the whole summer) our technic will try to transmit to the children our idea of sport, our passion for futsal, in order to anticipate what will occur in the school academy of football 5.

How much important is the Academy?
It is fundamental to work well with young people. The University is a an important source. Pavia has not a strong tradition of football 5, it is a city oriented in Basketball. The players for the first team comes from our home. we can think about Milito, D’aria, Dapoto, Peluso, Ferro, Masullo, Porcine and all the players grew in our under 21 teams.

Which were the goals for the first team and for the under 21 team?
Considering the positive moment of the first team (3 victories in the last 5 match) and the optimal moment of under 21 team (9 positive results consecutive ) we can affirm that the goals are changed or improved?
 the goals remained the same. With the first team we will try to gain a historical safety, with the under 21, the goal of play off is achieved, and now we will try to win the direct match.
how much is important for your society to form players that are usually considered by the Fifs national, for example Mammino, Musca and Droschi that are part of the national C20 FIFS? how can you value the relation of complementary between football 5 and AMF?

i think that each experience could be formative for our boys. Comparing with new realities and with strong adversary will provoke benefits for our member.
the AMF has an important  history and it’s important that each operator of football 5 knows the rules and details of the movement.
In Sudamerica, the players grow up with futsal, as Ronaldinho gaucho, Robinho, Pastore and Di Maria.
So a relation between this two sports is appreciated.
È un messaggio che raccolgo con piacere. Abbiamo  moltissimi impegni tra prima squadra, under 21 e special team (rappresentativa di ragazzi diversamente abili, che partecipa al campionato Opel della FIFS) che al momento non ci consentono ulteriori di partecipare ad altre importanti manifestazioni, in ogni caso la sfida è stimolante e la prenderemo in considerazione.

In the Next December there will be the european  championship C20 and the CT ARezzi could call some of your players. which is your tips for your players?
the young players of Pavia are working and are having fun. They should continue in this way and they shouldn’t loose the passion showed in this season. our boys, under the guide of Micheal Cangiano and then of Mario Milito, are doing big progress.
In under 21 we work with innovative and sperimental methods.  Mister Milito studies a lot, and during his youth he had mister such as Marco Milanesi, Massimo Iandiorio, Angelo de Ieso and now Ivano Bruno.  the goalkeepers has a special preparer (Gianni Strecapede) really scrupoulous and passionated.
finally we can count on the collaboration of Federico Caliri, our mental coach. the results on the job are really surprising.