Saturday, February 4 went on stage the expected test-match which saw challenge The national Italian C20 and the National Switzerland.

Theatre of the event was the sports center Novarello (NO) which, as a sports center most beautiful in Italy, has been able to accommodate the most of an event of this magnitude.

At 16:10, with the kick-off of the Ferrari and Brunacci referees, it began the contest between the two teams since the beginning showed great desire to showcase their quality. Already in the first half the match is balanced, so that none of the two national manages to have the upper hand over the other, this does not hurt the show in fact the first part ends with a fireworks display partial result of 5-5.

In the second half tempers heat for some refereeing decisions that do not find consensus in the national host, to the point that the captain Demircan is shown the blue card for dissent.

This however does not distract the Italian National remains focused on the game and manages to stretch the hat-trick of Agosta leader, with Ruggioni goals and with the personal seal of the new promise Divino, while Switzerland tries to reassemble in the final but not enough, in fact, the match ended with the score of 10 to 8 for the Azzurrini.

The test match proves useful for both teams, in fact after the game the CT Arezzi declares his satisfaction with the test done by his children, underlining the performance of Agosta, confirmed captain of the national C20 and Divino, who is on his debut It has shown promising leader of the defense, while the president of the Swiss federation Marco Militano, despite defeat, says he is very happy for the inclusion of new players in the group in view of Mundalito 2017.