To conclude the section, we are happy to introduce you the protagonists of the international match in which the National Italian team C20 is facing the Swiss team. Divino Emidio, of the 97th year of birth, who is having his first game in Azzurri team tomorrow.

He started his career as a football player when he was 11 years old at the position of the midfielder, switching the teams often at the regional level. After one year in that role, he came to Fursal. Recently, he has been to the tomorrow’s match by the coach Alessio Arezzi. Mr. Arezzi noticed him in the internship company event on January 28th of this year, when Emidio demonstrated outstanding skills.

This debut is a great opportunity for the young player to find contact with the new friends as well as to get a constant place in the team.

We have nothing to add, besides the fact that you all are warmly welcome to the sport arena Novarello Villaggio Azzurro (NO). We promise you will not regret coming!