The Women Academy Women FIFS debuted with a bang

There was no lack emotion on the second day of FIFS women’s championship which took place in the beautiful setting of Palacairoli of Lainate (MI) Saturday 14 January.

In the first match of the 16.00 hours Academy Women FIFS at the debut it dealt with the ASD CSRC Cuore 1990 in a game that had little to tell. The Del Giudice girls appeared soon in ball and ended the first half in the lead with a 8-0 round.  In the second half the script of the game has not changed and although ball possession and the many substitutions, the Academy is rampant dragged by 5 goals from Carlotta Merisio setting the final score 17-0.

The second match of 17:30 saw the tackled Garagebar Mozzate and AD Maiora in a game that has given a lot of emotions. In the first minutes the balance has substantially prevailed, but the Ad Maiora before end the first half with a one-two deadly transforms the result 2-0 for the girls in blue uniform.Worth noting is the excellent performance of Graziella De Luca appeared in good shape and leader on and off the field. In the second half no lack of opportunities but the result stays put on 2 to 0. The AD Maiora has several opportunities to go on 3 to 0, but in his way find a Fernanda Caprioli practically unsurpassed. The Garagebar Mozzate takes confidence and manages to even the score with two goals by Brizzi, before completing the unexpected recovery in the last few minutes with the Fiore goals that gives 3 points to the team led by Alessio Pau.

The next round of the women’s championship will be February 18 always at Palacairoli of Lainate (MI) where the teams:

16.00 hours: Academy Women FIFS – Maiora AD
17.30 hours: Garagebar Mozzate – ASD CSRC Heart 1990

Academy Women FIFS * 3
AD Maiora 3
Garagebar Mozzate * 3
ASD CSRC Heart 1990 0

* A game in hand


Merisio 6 (Academy Women FIFS)
Dubini 3 (Academy Women FIFS)
De Luca 3 (AD Maiora)
Gianoncelli 3 (AD Maiora)
Dinatale 2 (Academy Women FIFS)
Ragone 2 (Academy Women FIFS)
Tihsler 2 (Academy Women FIFS)
Baron 2 (AD Maiora)
Furcone 2 (ASD Cuore 1990)
Brizzi 2 (Garagebar Mozzate)
Celmeta 1 (Academy Women FIFS)
Sica 1 (Academy Women FIFS)
Pavoni 1 (AD Maiora)
Finotti 1 (ASD Cuore 1990)
Flower 1 (Garagebar Mozzate)