Isan Group conquers the first 3 points, but the sport is the real winner

In the match played last night at the wonderful sports facility Novarello (NO), there has been good game marked by respect and fair play between the two teams, in which Isan Group achieves the first 3 points of its league against Atletico Lombardo after exciting game and full of twists. The match ended with the score 4-3 and it was decided only by the free throw of Virgilio.

The first half saw balance between the two teams, in which Atletico was able to take the lead with Zizi, but Isan reacts to scoring immediately and with a one-two overturns the result with Fazio and Virgilio. Later in the second part of the first portion of the game the two teams fights blast to blast and they manage to find the gol with Tavecchio for Atletico Lombardo and Tropeano for Isan that so the match close the first time on the score 3-2 .

In the second half Atletico draws the game with Tomasoni, before of the engaging end in which is a free throw for part to resolve the match. Atletico Lombardo fails their free throw with the number 7 Tavecchio and Zizi who shoots up the rebound. On the other hand Isan realizes its free throw at the end with the number 10 Virgilio.

Lega Five FIFS returns January 17 with the rescheduled match between Atletico Lombardo and Ticinia Novara.


League Table:

Team Ticino                                     21 points

Lainate Futsal                                  12 points

AG Turbochiocciole Novara          12 points

GS Ticinia Novara                           6 points

Isan Group                                        3 points

Atletico Lombardo                          0 points


Top scorers

Mujic (Team Ticino)                                                 29 goals

Brancaccio (AG Turbochiocciole Novara)           15 goals

Demircan (Team Ticino)                                         14 goals

Granato (Lainate Futsal)                                         11 goals

Colla (Lainate Futsal)                                               11 goals

Farias Ramos Diogo (Team Ticino)                       10 goals

Quesada (Team Ticino)                                             8 goals

Ahmari (Team Ticino)                                               5 goals

Eddasouli (Lainate Futsal)                                       3 goals

Genovese (Isan Group)                                              3 goals