Candidates of the second edition of the Golden Ball FIFS

Candidates to victory of the second edition of the Golden Ball FIFS for the season 2016 are revealed. The voters can choose their winner in 3 different categories: Masculine, Feminine and Masculine C20. The different candidates have been chosen depending on the results that they have obtained during the season 2016 with their club and with their national team FIFS.

The survey to decide upon the winners of this cup will be opened until 5 January. The winners will be awarded by the FIFS’s President, Axel Paderni.

For the voters there will be a incentive to participate: if they will share the video of the candidates to victory and they will register 3 different friends in the comments, they can enter the draw to win the jersey of the Italian National FIFS, it was up for grabs technical sponsor of Italian National, Nike Team.

The candidates will can voted at the following link:

Now look the video that shows us 3 candidates for 3 different categories.