Summary: Finals Tournament school ITC Elsa Morante

The 13 December was held at the Planet Soccer sports center in Cesano Maderno (MB), the final phase of the school tournament that has seen the participation of school boys of the ITC Elsa Morante of Limbiate.

The eight participating teams were divided into two groups: Cavalli del West, Atletico Glioni, E-Squad e Real Sbiascicata all of pool A, while AP Pavan, Atletico Pippao, Sixth Harmony and 3 ^ D are part of the group B.

The Cavalli del West win the chance to compete in the semi-finals thanks to the first-place finish in Group A: In fact, after the draw against Atletico Glioni won, they manage to get two consecutive wins by beating Real Sbiascicata and E-Squad. The second place is conquered by the E-Squad, that lose their direct confrontation with the top finishers, but having got two wins in the previous match, even access to their semi-final.

In group B, the situation is more balanced. Winning two matches respectively against Atletico Pippao and 3 ^ D, the AP Pavan wins of law a place in the semifinals, where it clashes with the E-Squad. Atletico Pippao, Sixth Harmony and 3^D ends the round with the same score, but thanks to goal difference, it is the 3^D to enter the next stage of the competition, which addresses the Cavalli del West.

While in the first semifinal played between AP Pavan and E-Squad regular time ending in a draw, and the penalties are needed, where victorious at the end are the E-Squad that are imposed for 5-3 in the second semi-final of the Cavalli del West dominate and beat 5-1 the 3^D, flying in the final.

In the small final of the tournament victory is won by the AP Pavan, can achieve a 5-3 victory against the 3 ^ D, the other team lost out from the semifinals.

The tournament concludes with a final hard fought: the Cavalli del West, in the lead up to a few minutes from the end of the match, they rejoin and ultimately exceed by E-Squad, which impose themselves with the 4-3 final result.


Group A:

Cavalli del West vs Atletico Glioni               1-1

E-squad vs Real Sbiascicata                          3-2

Group B:

AP Pavan vs Atletico Pippao                         4-1

Sixth Harmony vs 3D                                      1-5

Group A:

Cavalli del West vs Real Sbiascicata           2-1

E-squad vs Atletico Glioni                            2-1

Group B:

AP Pavan vs 3D                                            4-1

Sixth Harmony vs Atletico Pippao           5-2

Group A:

Cavalli del West vs E-squad                         5-0

Atletico Glioni vs Real Sbiascicata              1-1

Group B:

AP Pavan vs Sixth Harmony                         6-1

3D vs Atletico Pippao                                     0-2


SEMI- FINAL 1: Cavalli del West vs 3^D                          5-1

SEMI-FINAL 2: AP Pavan vs E-Squad                             3-5 cdr (3-3)

FINAL 3°/4° POSTO: 3^D vs AP Pavan                         3-5

FINAL  1°/2° POSTO: Cavalli del West vs E-Squad       3-4