The sky is blue above Lugano !!

It is victory! Italy wins in Lugano the 2nd edition of the Coppa delle Alpi. Nothing to do for the opponents Switzerland, Austria and the Principality of Monaco, but first things first and retrace this exciting day.

The first semi-final played at Gerra gym has seen tackled the national home and their Austrian neighbors. First match very balanced between the two nations that are fighting point by point with neither able to prevail over the other; in fact the first part of the race ended with a pyrotechnic 6 to 6. Of note for the home side the performance of Demircan and Ivanović authors of two goals, and Gvozdenovic for the national of Eagles author of a triplet. The second half continued along the lines of the first half, but accomplice the take over of fatigue also increases the nervousness in the field, and you shall attend the expulsions Demircan for the referee offenses and Gvozdenovic for five fouls. In the end it is to dull the Swiss national team with the free throw transformed from Ivanović at the expiration.

The other semifinal has put in front of the National Italian vice champion of Europe and the newborn the National of Principality of Monaco. They are the Monegasques have to move on now 3-0 with two goals from Panama and the Lamouroux seal. The bully startup surprising the Azzurri, who earlier difficulty in find the necessary countermeasures, and then be able to equalize and to overcome the opponent dragged from Villa (hat-trick for him) and Piscitello author of a poker. The first half ended with the score 8-4 for Italy. In the second half Italy makes worth its greater experience and the higher technical rate with a Degennaro unleashed author of a poker; the match ends with a 13-7 round.

In the final 3rd-4th place they will face the teams that lost their semi-final, namely Austria and Monaco. First time all Austrian brand that ends with the score of 6-2, with the number 7 Gvozdenovic protagonist and author of a good poker. The second half saw the untameable formation of the Principality struggle to back into the game, dragged from their n. 10 Panama and the number 8 Diacko author of a hat-trick. The first final ends with the score of 10-8 for Austria, anyway to make the honors to the Principality of Monaco for the commitment and persistence shown in this tournament.

It reaches the grand final between Switzerland and Italy. Ready away and Switzerland to take a 3-0 lead with the goals Mujic, Demircan and Tarello, but Italy is a diesel motor and starts to increase the turns of your engine, going into the goals with Cannella 2 times and Giancotti. The second half was an authentic blue triumph with the national team who manages first to equalize and then to stretch the opposing team Cannella 2 other times, Monti, Villa, and Edassouli, for the final 8-4. It is victory Italy, the National of Del Giudice arrived in Lugano with the underdogs so manages to win the coveted trophy, and to look with great optimism to the next international commitments.