Synthesis: First phase of the Cesano Maderno School Tournament

The 6 December, took place at the sports center Planet Soccer in Cesano Maderno (MB), the initial phase of school tournament that has seen the participation of the school boys ITC Elsa Morante of Limbiate.

The first match played on the playing field 1 saw the teams battle it The Squad and 3^ D. Right from the start of the match The squad have proven their superiority, ending the first half 5-1. In the second part of the 3^ D she has tried to get back in the game by scoring four goals, but the recovery attempt was interrupted by opponents who have signed five more goals. The game is so ended 10-5 in favor of the Squad.

The first match played on the playing field two protagonists were I Cavalli del West that overwhelm the 11-2 Pussy Destroyers. At the end of the first half i Cavalli del West themselves ahead 6-0 and in the second half of the match succeed to score five other networks to frustrate the two goals he scored by the opposing team.

Following on the same playground was played also the clash between Atletico and FC Pippao Pontaneo. Although the advantage gained in the course of the first half, during which Atletico Pippao scored four goals in the second half of the game Atletico scored another three goals. A nothing that is the goal of the flag of the team FC Pontaneo. The match ended 7-1 in favor of Atletico Pippao.

On the field 3 you play the match between AP Pavan and Harmony Sixt. Not very balanced first time that ends with the result of 6-2 for AP Pavan. In the second half Harmony Sixt try to recover and manages to score five goals, but unfortunately undergoes another three goals. The match ended so 9-7 in favor of AP Pavan.

Finally we should have run two other matches: Atletico Joni The Pandoro and Real Biascita 1^B. Because of to the absence of the opposing teams, Atletico Joni and I Pandori won at the table (6-0) their respective matches, so qualifying for the next stage of the tournament.

In summary, the teams that qualified for the second phase of the tournament are: The Squad, i Cavalli del West, Atletic Pippao, AP Pavan, Atletico Joni and I Pandoro.

These six teams will face each other on the morning of 13 December. The three winners of their respective direct matches will qualify directly to the semifinals, the fourth team will be the one between the defeats will have the best goal difference.

The team that will win the victory of the semifinals will compete in the highly anticipated final match to win the victory of the tournament.