Results 5° match day of the Lega Five FIFS

At Palacairoli of Lainate (MI) have been staged last night two games of the fifth match day of the Lega Five FIFS, championship now entered in the live.

The first meeting was opposing Lainate Futsal and Isan Group, the latter still without a points. Ready away and immediately and one-because of Lainate That within the first four minutes the lead to 2-0 with Milano and Granato. Isan Group reduced the deficit with the number 7 Sola, but back down by two thanks to the Colla network. The game is going through a phase of pause, but towards the end of the first half on again thanks to the flashback of the guests, who bring on partial 4-3 with two goals by Tropeano, first from a free kick and after a free throw. The second fraction is characterized by a stalled up to half the time, then a goal by Fazio to Isan Group unlocks the match. The guests, now more aggressive, find the overtaking goal with Tropeano on a free throw, but the Lainate equalized on the first action after the kick-off with Garnet, which then goes to sign his hat-trick on the final, setting the result on 6 -5 finals with a powerful free throw. Another defeat for Isan Group, although the team has given great signs of improvement; for Lainate instead a hard-fought victory but important not to lose ground on the first of the ranking.

The second match sees tackled AG Turbochiocciole Novara and Atletico Lombardo. The game has no history right from the start of the first half, with Turbochiocciole that put immediately under the guests and take off demonstrating a clear technical superiority and tactical, while Atletico will make dangerous only with sporadic long distance shots. To note the Cimmarusti hat-trick, which contributes 8-0 on which concludes the first time. A more relaxed attitude of Turbochiocciole allows Atletico to score the first goal with Tavecchio, but the home side return in the game command, and accomplice opponent discouragement marks other 4 times before granting 2 Atletico’s goals that has a return to flame at 5 minutes from the end. 12-3 the final result, which allows the AG to remain in the wake of Ticino Team points leader, while Atletico still bringing up the rear at 0 points.

In the third match played at the Palasport from Lake Novara, saw yet another victory for Team Ticino, ever more leaders of the tournament, all to no avail for the local team of the Ticinia Novara that after resisting in the first portion of the game, anyway closed on 7 to 2 for the formation Ticinese; has had to give way in the second half to the leaders of the tournament closing the match with the significant deficit of 19 to 3 for the formation of Switzerland. On the shields for the formation first in the ranking Captain Demircan and Faria Ramos both authors of a five of a kind.

That’s all for this day the Lega Five FIFS awaits Tuesday 13 for a new exciting day of racing.

Ranking dopo la 5° giornata:

Team Ticino                                 15 punti

AG Turbochiocciole Novara        9 punti

Lainate Futsal                                9 punti

Isan Group                                     0 punti

Ticinia Novara                               0 punti

Atletico Lombardo                       0 punti

Top Scorer:

Mujic (Team Ticino)                               16 goal

Brancaccio (Turbochicciole Novara)   11 goal

Granato (Lainate Futsal)                       11 goal

Demircan (Team Ticino)                       11 goal

Colla (Lainate Futsal)                            9 goal

Farias Ramos Diogo (Team Ticino)    7 goal

Cimmarusti (Turbochicciole Novara) 5 goal

Ahmari (Team Ticino)                            5 goal

Quesada (Team Ticino)                          3 goal

D’Alessio (Lainate Futsal)                     3 goal

The official communique with the results and the ranking: comunicato-n-07-dell08-12-12