Italy-Switzerland: Coach Del Giudice’s Impressions

The long-awaited match between Italy and Switzerland, which will be held on November 19th at Palacairoli in Lainate (MI) after the appointment of the Christmas Tournament Little Friends is now close. 17.15 – kickoff time – the competitive spirit will unleash and the sports centre will be ready to welcome the two opponent teams.

We have collected some impressions and perspectives from coach Davide Del Giudice who is very confident in the few days leading to the match, despite the absence of some permanent members of the squad that took part in the European Championship in 2016 Egor’evsk with excellent results.

The team has the possibility to replace the veterans with some U21 players from coach Arezzi’s selection, who have performed flawlessly against Austria in the appointment that took place in Bolzano on November 12th, and with other players from the Lega Five FIFS. Surely the integration of new players can be a risk for the harmony on the field, but at the same time the U21 squad’s trainings should ensure good performance even in the National Squad, especially since the technical preparation that the two teams are following is similar.

Del Giudice also commented on the results of the previous match which took place on July 8th in Castelletto Ticino (NO), and declared himself attentive and aware of the considerable progress that his selection is making, especially in view of the next scheduled matches as the Cup of the Alps in which Italy and Switzerland will again be rivals.

Both selections are working hard and are constantly tested. Italy in particular is trying to foster a competitive reserve for relevant matches, but the level of play of the two representatives is almost on par, and Saturday will witness the “litmus test.” In this regard the Italian coach says he can calmly face the game without any fear and said that there may also be a good chance to win, if his athletes will respond immediately to the field impulses.

We will just have to wait for the big event! See you on Saturday, November 19th at Palacairoli in Lainate, via Cairoli 32 at 17.15.