Goals deluge in the second day of Lega Five FIFS

Three matches valid for the 2nd day of the Lega Five FIFS were played yesterday , two of these were played at the PalaCairoli of Lainate, while the other match took place at the Pala Dal Lago of Novara.

The first match showed the formation of Isan Group against the Swiss team of Team Ticino; the game did not have much to say as the difference between the two teams in the field was undeniable, in fact it ended with the result of 12-1 for the Ticinese formation that scored with the Ahmari Armia hat-trick, two goals of Mujiz and Demircan, and the personal goals of Quesada, Mutaplic, Berini, Peker, and Faria Ramos; for the Isan Group formation there was only space for the consolation goal of Gorovelli.

In the other match played at 22:15 between the local formation of Lainate Futsal and Atletico Lombardo we saw a very balanced and fought match in the first half of the game ended with the result of 6 to 4 for the formation of Del Giudice thanks to the goals of Eddaussoli, the triplet of D’Alessio and the two goals of Granato, to which responded for the Atletico Lombardo team, the number 13 Zizi and Tomasoni with a nice hat-trick; but in the second half there has been a change of gear from Lainate that took off well scoring 10 goals only in this fraction with 2 goals by Gagliardi, 3 by Garnet, and those of Mantegazza, Milan, Toffaletti, Trotta and Vercillo; for the Lombardo team it only remained the satisfaction of finding two other goals with Rubino and Tomasoni that reduce the final variance.

In the third final match played at the Pala dal Lago of Novara between Ticina Novara and AG Turbochiocciole Novara we are witnessed the victory of the latter with the score of 8-4; for the Ticina formation the scores were marked by Pescio, Bono, Carrozzo, and Brunacci whereas for Turbochiocciole Quaranta, Vitolo with a double and especially Brancaccio with a poker, were those who scored.

That’s all regarding yesterday’s matches, the Lega Five FIFS will be waiting for you on November the 22th, with the 3rd day.

Here is the official documentation about the matches: comunicato-n-03-del-08-11-16

Classificatio after the 2° day:

Team Ticino                                  6 points

AG Turbochiocciole Novara      6 points

Lainate Futsal                               3 points

Isan Group                                    0 points

Ticina Novara                               0 points

Atletico Lombardo                       0 points

Top scorer:

Mujic (Team Ticino)              6 goals

Granato (Lainate Futsal)      5 goals

Demircan (Team Ticino)      4 goals

Ahmari (Team Ticino)           3 goals

Quesada (Team Ticino)         3 goals

D’Alessio (Lainate Futsal)    3 goals