Women’s National Team Aims High at Vercelli Roundup

FIFS technical staff met on October 1st a number of athletes who are aiming at being part of the Italian women’s national squad for the AMF World Championship in Spain 2017.

Among the contenders for the final 12 spots in the national team, there were some of the players who stood out in the September 17th’s match in Breganze, as well as two athletes who took part in the 2013 World Championship in Colombia. Some new young players, suggested by directive and scouting staff member Alessia Amici, crucially added to the team’s overall performance.

Assessing the participant players’ technical and tactical attitudes was exactly the aim of this roundup, in order to improve the roster that is preparing for a schedule dense with national and international matches before the final stage at the World Championship in 2017. During the game, the athletes did a series of technical and tactical exercises to let the technical commission led by coach Davide Del Giudice better determine their final choices about the selection. In light of the Breganze match and thanks to the high level of discipline the girls displayed at the Vercelli roundup, directives and the technical staff seem to already have a clear idea about the final 15-player list.