Press Conference on 8 September

It has just finished the Press Conference about Italia Supercoppa 2016, which will be played the next Saturday between Coppa Italia 2016 leader Dolceria Valmont Galliate and the champion GS Ticinia Novara.

For the occasion, the Consiliar Hall in Novara gathers lots of important subjects, starting from Federico Perugini and Emilio Iodice, Sport Policy Council Member and Social and Environmental Policy one, who are honour to host a so important even like Supercoppa.

For the match, in fact, the location is Palasport Pala Dal Lago, wich with 2500 places host since years lots of Indoor Football events. GS Ticinia Novara, tells President Daniele Colognesi, sat near his Captain Stefano Usai, had the idea to organize Supercoppa at Trofeo Dolceria Valtmont’s end.

During the day, in fact, the building will house a tournament in six formations for OPEN category, represented in the Conference by its Captain, and organized by GS Ticinia Novara, with the collaboration of Italian Football Indoor Federation, which gives his all in social to spread moral values and to hurt social differences.

Press Conference has benn the occasion, tell DG Luca Alfieri, to present news Lega FIVE FIFS, which will start the next October with big purposes.