Football players’ main lacks are: dribbling, head blump, kick-ups and using-feet.

What are the reason of these defects and what can be the solutions? We asked it to Alessio Arezzi, CT in Italian National Football Indoor Team Under21. “Kids (5-12 years) play football in in too big fields and without appropriate physical, mental, emotional and relational characteristics. Choose Indoor Football! ”

In Italy, when we talk about football we think to Balotelli, El Shaarawy, Ronaldo, players who change the ball with other ten mates, in a 90x120m field. Few people know Indoor Football, where we find 5 players in a 40x20m field. However, in country like Spain or Columbia, this sport is very famous and it’s on the same level our football.

Indoor Football and 11-one are two sports with a loto f affinities, but they walk on two different road. For this reason, lots of experts say a Indoor Football player can play 11-football, ma the contrary isn’t possible. The first sport, in fact, is preparatory to the second one; so, in South American countries it’s teached in school, since, in the far 1930, Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier brought it in his school.

We asked to Arezzi what he thinks about and he answered: “Indoor Football has smaller fields and five players; with these characteristics, it betters technique and individual capability. In fact, distances are reduced and the kid can touch the ball more often, having the possibility to increase his coordination. Last but not least, he can do much more goals and goaling gifts happiness and satisfaction.”

In this way, Indoor Football is preparatory to 11-football. However few people know and practice it. “A right solution could be- says Arezzi- bringing Indoor Football in school as a subject, following Spain or Columbia.”

So, the solution could be educate sport society to teach it in school, among young people and promoting alliances between school and Federation.

Reproducing others countries where Indoor Football in a National sport, Arezzi believes since 2013 and he collaborates with Italian Football Indoor Federation to develop this sport.

And thanka to person like Arezzi, Indoor Football is walking int football panorama, organizing events, tournaments, European and Mondial championships to bring this sport in the whole Italy.

So, sport season has begun for Football Indoor and people have to organize the Italian National Teams. For this reason, Saturday, the 10 of September, Arezzi will wear CT dresses for the first Under21 meeting, to create the team which will represent Italy in European Championship 2017.

Football Indoor has lots of power; give our all to spread this sport, so important also for education and emotional world.