A reach Football Sala Saturday in Novara

Saturday the 10th of September Palasport Pala Dal Lago will paint with Indoor Football.

The Italian Football Indoor Federation, in collaboration with GS Ticinia Novara, invites you to Trofeo Dolceria Valmont for a day reach in play and fun. From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm the Italian Champion Society will bring  OPEN category in the football field for a six-formation match. Cheer is welcome and so you are!

At the end of the match don’t run away! At 6 pm GS Ticinia Novara will show you its teams per new Football Season and it will give you soon later (at 6.30 pm) the match for Supercoppa Italia 2016 between the Italian champions Ticinio Novara and the leaders in Coppa Italia 2016 Galliate Dolceria Valmont.


See you soon, in viale Kennedy 34, Novara.