Road to Argentina 2019

Football Season has just started and so the relationship between Italian Football Indoor Federation and Mister Davide Del Giudice, who shake hand for a future reach in projects.

After the successes in the last years, culminated in a second place during the last continental review, the historical technical of Italian National Football Team holds big surprises.

Class 1975 and a beautiful carrer: he won two Mundialities, he reached the second steap during others two, vice European champion and the list can continue. Pride and happiness filter from his glance when he tells with naturalness his successful path. In fact, he’s not only CT for the Italian Male National Football Team, but from 2013 he guides the Female one, which it arrives in Colombia. Thanks not only to Del Giudice, but also to Federation President Axel Paderni, who with The Federal Counsil, took the Under 21 and Major best staff to guarantee the same preparation and quality to Cinque Bello Rosa. In fact, equality and solidarity are the values Paderni believes in and which brought him to become Commissioner for the Paralimpic Activity AMF.

In the same way, Lainate Futsal chose Del Giudice to fly to Spain and combact in Champions League 2015.

Seven years, thousands of victories and others satisfactions push Del Giudice to look forward and dream bigger. Perspectives see Italian Female National Football Team to win in World Campionship 2017, The Male one in the European during 2018, finally to arrive in Argentina 2019.

Hope, passione and parsimony: these are the key words of a champion who will bring FIFS teams to mark Futsal story.