Lots of strong emotions between Italy and Switzerland!

There were lots of strong emotions for the fortunate that have had the possibility to see the friendly international between Italy and Switzerland, organized at PalAmico di Castelletto sopra Ticino in the province of Novara, last Friday, 8th of July.

The match has begun uphill for Italy, which had already a handicap only two minutes after the start, with a goal taken by a free kick. Even so, thanks to a scheme from a free kick, De Gennaro manages to bring the draw between the two teams and a few minutes later also to lead Italy in advantage for the first time. With every passing minutes Italy was gaining confidence in its means and this allowed it to reach the score of 5 goals to 1 thanks to Granato, who scored from a penalty kick and double Caddeo. Nevertheless, Switzerland snatched a draw at the end of the first half; closing the first part of the match on 6 to 6.

The second half is reopened with a phase of equilibrium between the two teams, which it lasts for the first five minutes, with the result unlocked by De Gennaro, and immediately after by Karouani that leads Italy on the result of 8 to 6. Nevertheless, after a single minute, Switzerland shortens the distance with Shala; however, Italy responds promptly with Vercillo at the 7th minute of the game. The end of the match was thrilling: with Switzerland which taking advantage of drop of lucidity of Italy. In fact, the latter ones, manages to snatch a draw with Mujic Alen and with the top scorer of Swiss: Cevtkovic.

The end result is of 9 to 9. Although, it was only a Test – Match there were not lacking of emotions and also the game has provided great hints to the head Coach of Italy Del Giudice, especially for what regards the future considering that this match has given space to five players of the Under 21.