Here the calls for Italy-Swiss

The waiting for the Major Male National  Team big return is rising,  after the Silver in Russia the last May, for the match against Swiss, which will be played the next Friday, July 8 at 9.30 pm at the Palamico Palamico di Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO).

A lot of new players called by CT Del Giudice, with a lot of young boys in Alessio Arezzi’s Under20 National Team, in order to give the possibility to rise to these young players, who want face the next European Championship in 2017.

Here the called players:

1 Bagarin Stefano, goal keeper, Lainate Futsal

2 Edu Dias, Main Defense, Ticinia Novara

3 Caddeo Fabrizio, Universal, Ticinia Novara

4 Galli Fabio, Central Defense, Lainate Futsal

5 Monti Matteo, Lateral, Ticinia Novara

6 Gallo Stefano, Lateral, Zelo CO5

7 Usai Stefano, Lateral, Ticinia Novara – CAPITANO

8 Granato Kevin, Universal, L’Atletico Lombardo

9 Vercillo Alessio, Advanced , Lainate Futsal

10 De Gennaro Daniele, Advanced, Lainate Futsal

11 Luca Piscitello, Lateral, Futsal Novara

12 Bianchi Francesco, Goal Keeper, Lugano Pro Futsal


Here information to reach Palamico in Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO)


We will wait to cheer Azzurri!

Free entry!