Euro2016: latest reflections.

A few days after the conclusion of this European Championship UEFS, who dragged us into a turbillon of emotions from first to last minute of every game until the final epic against Russia landlord, it is time to analyze the path of ‘ Italy.

First, the FIFS reiterates its big, big thank you to all members of the expedition blue, than ever on this occasion filled us with pride. Lack of Italy in previous years on a prestigious stage like this in fact did not guarantee us certainty about the path of National: our players, as close and technically gifted and tactically, they had to prove themselves with all that is outline in part in a competition like this. Expectations, pressures, eyes fixed, new emotions to handle and so on and so forth: all this has not affected the safety of coach Del Giudice boys, despite a complicated and unfortunate debut against the Czech Republic that has forced us to win since the second game against Israel.

Our most passionate fans will also remember how the second match in our group, despite the victory well in scrap, was not so simple, with the Azzurri who found themselves at a disadvantage twice. And it is here that emerged another mark of the National: the humility of one who, albeit with important technical values, has been able to roll up their sleeves and face an opponent perhaps less technically gifted, but no less dangerous, and that would undermine the certainties of any team that had not by his pride, dedication to work, organization and courage.

With this background, therefore, we have reached the quarter-final, perhaps the most exciting match of this National: the game against the strong Belarusian champions. We are exploded to a goal by Valenti in a handful of seconds left that sealed the final 1-0: a game room with an unusual score in football, which shows that the mesh of our defense is they were tight up to stem the dreadful attack Belarus, unable to find the way of goals after having scored eight in the previous two games.

The semi-final against Kazakhstan, putting away bad luck, was played as one who had in his eyes the certainty that it would come in the final after beating the team probably stronger throughout the tournament as if it were a matter of course after beating Belarus, travolgiamo so the Kazakhs also 6-3 and conclude the European seeing our dream fade in a matter of seconds from time.

It ‘s true, it missed the icing on the cake, and anyone else involved in the tournament and saw lots of these guys can not help but have at least one of regret for having seen the most coveted cup in his hands slip down street just moments from the final whistle .

But we must face the reality: the glass is not half full, it is full of people: those who could expect an Italy that, not participating in the World Championships maximum for twenty years, will impose up to shake Russia landlord? Who would have predicted that Italy’s path, starting from uncomfortable outsider, came knocking on the doors of the history of European football Sala? And who, after all, he can not be said to be proud of the way of these guys, for different characteristics and age, but that basically gave soul to a single large blue heart? No one, we believe.

In conclusion, we of the Federation we would like to extend a warm thanks to you fans who have followed the path of the Azzurri on our website and on our company: we have never had record numbers as those recorded in the past week, and for all the guys who every day make sacrifices to give visibility to the sport still too little known in our country is unparalleled gratification. So, thanks to our national team, but not least thanks to you, who have followed.

The editors FIFS