One step from the dream: Italy cedes to Russia 5-4 in the final UEFS Euro2016.

Egorevsk, May 28, 2016.

There is very little failure: Italy touches the enterprise to be crowned champion of Europe in the most painful way possible, with two defensive lapses that allow Russians to score right at the buzzer to leveling the score and that of the final passing when actually our national seemed in total control of the last stage match. But first things first.

HERE EGOREVSK. The outline is to the big events: Needless to say that the vast majority of those present cattail Russia, responding to the conquest of this final part of the landlords and gremendo the building in every type of place, reminding us well to mind those beautiful South American frames numbers and typhoid.

Italy, in fact, starts from underdog also environmentally: our boys seem to suffer in the startup arrembanti Russian attacks, showing a little ‘physiological inexperience in playing a match of such importance and forcing Redivo to a first major parade startup. The first part of the match is held in short, according to the rhythms dictated by the Russians: removing our attempt to Europol in from midfield lob that the excellent goalkeeper  corner, we suffer the actions of our adversaries, trying mainly to sting in the counterattack. Italy’s quality, however, is out as time goes by: we also Alemão with the lead, but the Russian goalkeeper makes the first of many miraculous interventions, opening the compass and closing a conclusion maybe a little ‘ lazy.

In the subsequent reversal in the face Russia passes: prolonged action in which all the other team touches the ball up to uncheck the tip that, face to face with Redivo, no mistake, bagging the ball under the crossbar: 1-0 for hosts.

THE REACTION. After a few minutes of confusion, Del Giudice’s boys show why we got to play with the European title: Italy begins to grind the game coming several times in an increasingly dangerous conclusion. Licini fails the check that would take him face to face with the Russian goalkeeper, who saves in action next with an output avalanche of Thiago Costa who missed three men with a superb solo effort: and that is the Italian- Brazilian to hurl in the equalizer after a shot from distance riveted, allowing us to find the deserved equalizer at the half-time.

RECOVERY. Italy begins shooting as he had concluded the first time in growing up. The Azzurri fact appear in full control of the match, exploiting some defensive inaccuracies of our opponents, as the short support of the Russian defender who forced his own goalkeeper to put the ball out. The few moments after Russian goal is therefore a bolt from the blue: the referee awards punishment, the blow of the Russian player is violent and para Redivo the ball at the goal line. If both goals or not we do not know, but the referee assigns it: never as this time would serve the aid of technology even in the football hall, but so be it; ball in midfield for the new Russian lead, 2-1.

THE CHARACTER. That our team has the attributes has been clear since the first game: the Russians direct the match on a very physical level, with a pair of hard work on our players, which, however, do not fall apart and direct nervous energy trying to equalize the match. Two other interventions of the Russian delay our draw, but arrives on time goalkeeper the Licini goal from the film archive, and his turn at a corner flight is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful goals of this edition of the Europeans, as well as be extremely important; 2-2, ball in the center and our striker made amends the mistake of a few minutes before.

The INEXPERIENCE. Russia, however, is a tough team, and above all more accustomed us to play certain games: it is technically sound, can suffer when you need it (the proof is the numerous parades his goalkeeper) but, alas, infallible to sting as soon as it has the ‘ occasion. These few words sum up the goal of the new Russian advantage, in which the opposing tip receives the ball, turns taking advantage of a too soft intervention of our defense and throws in the network on the output of an innocent Redivo: 3-2 and game that seems ended. It seems because a few moments later we throw ourselves forward for the draw so desperate, and it seems only a matter of time because the Russians castighino with the goal of security: a miraculous Redivo prevents the 4-2 opening leg and turning a corner in keeping afloat with the energy of despair. And it is when we least expected it the miracle happens: the 37 ‘was whistled a free kick for Italy, where Valenti pulls a missile hitting the crossbar settles behind the Russian goalkeeper three minutes from time. Extra time? Useless, there is still time for recriminations against bad luck: a few seconds from the end Licini download a fireball in the race after the support, but the trajectory against the post and over again, thus closing a thousand regrets regular time .

EXTRA TIME. If until now you regret Treaty, from here on we can speak of regret. Yes, because our determination was rewarded: in the first half of extra time the referee assigns us a free throw for the sixth handball by a Russian player, and Valenti made no mistake from the spot: the ball past the keeper and 4-3 Italy . The first half ends with Russia that grace us with two glaring errors that heave a sigh of relief, and really begin to think that perhaps the gods of football hall want to bring the cup in the Belpaese.

THE HOAX. It consumes everything in a matter of seconds: from opportunity for us to close the game, with the Russian goalkeeper who sacrifices himself for the umpteenth time saving the result, the error resounding Redivo Aldo, who, perhaps in a safety excess , underestimate the opponent’s arrival calciandogli the ball on him, making him carom network. It would be too easy to lay the blame at our goalkeeper, who had kept us afloat on several occasions during the match and in the entire competition, but unfortunately is the harsh law for those who play in this role: we can not afford the middle misstep. The fact is that, at this point, Italy seems to have run out of mental energy to retort to the shot of the tie, perhaps because we thought that he had won this long battle. The Azzurri will make dangerous but just one last time in a tight position, up to the last minute of the match, the final goal of overtaking Russia: a clumsy back pass netting our last, Redivo in desperate test output to make that it can, but the ball is then stuffed into the net: Russia 5, Italy 4, the final whistle.