And it is final! For the first time in its history, Italy will play the European title.

Egorevsk, May 27, 2016.

A historic achievement, whatever happens. Today’s match in this national project teams that will be remembered among those who have written memorable pages of Italian football hall: never, in fact, we were able to reach a final European event. The last obstacle to overcome to get to play with this possibility was called Kazakhstan, which, in truth, it has played a game lady and to which we give the honor of arms. That said, however, it was clear early on that Italy had an extra gear, let’s call organization, technical call it, call it competitive hunger: the fact is that the Judge’s boys start to a thousand and after ten minutes the match is already 0-2 for us, thanks to two goals from a possessed Matthew Monti that before correcting marks networked corner and then with a billiards shot in which the ball kissing the pole and thrusts gently into the goal.

Kazakhstan, at this point, has no secrets and is projected in a desperate forcing to trouble the blue rearguard, whose fruit is the unfortunate own goal by Edu Dias, who at 15 ‘in an attempt to anticipate the Kazakh attacker other can not do you correct the trajectory into his own goal. This unfortunate episode, however, in no way affects the certainties and the character of the blues, and after only a minute to bring two networks lead with goals from Thiago Costa after 16 ‘, making it 1-3. Our performance in the first half was marred by a yellow card very doubtful Villa: in our opinion the slap to the Kazakh player was inadvertent, but the referee, apparently not of the same opinion, warns the number 9 blue for a measure that is prove decisive in the economy of the game. But there is no time for recriminations: the game is alive and vibrant, and it takes the best Redivo to defuse the attacks of Kazakhstan with a parade from the intersection area of the football handbook off the ambitions of our opponents and sends the two teams at rest on the score of 3 to 1 for us.


The second half began along the lines of how he ended the first: Italy manages the possession and has two more chances to increase the lead, and at this time the Kazakhs seem to go in the game and ideas crisis: in particular, the operation of our opponents is affected by the lack of depth, and the opportunities are the result built more than personal initiatives of an idea of choral game, with the result that the few attempts to break the blue wall.

26 minutes then comes the hat-trick of Monti fixing the sull’1-4 score, however, preceded by the heavy expulsion of Villa for two yellow cards because of a (suspected) provocation against an opponent. The game at this point is wicked: Valenti open field is spread by a Kazakh defender, pardoned by, and serves a few minutes to calm tempers and restart play after a few skirmishes too. Using the spaces granted by the Kazakhs poured forward we come to touch the 1-5 with Barboza, but the ball goes out for a breath; and as to the wrong goals often corresponds to one immediately, Kazakhstan shortens the distance with a bomb from outside the his number 10 that leaves no way to Redivo and brings the score at 2-4 at 30 ‘of play. There is a little ‘healthy fear when, a minute later, the Kazakhs mark the score 3-4, putting us at this point under pressure, with the inertia of the game on their side, our opponents go twice to close draw (with a missile that goes off to side of the intersection and hit a fly that barely exceeds the crossbar), but Italy there is this risk and responds to score in turn thank Licini that jumped the goalkeeper , download behind for the conclusion but it is deflected for a corner. In these moments of great excitement, in short, the free throw that is granted to 34 ‘is pure godsend: Orazio Valenti looks at bat and strikes the goalkeeper bringing on 3-5 and actually choking the remaining hopes of Kazakhstan to equalize. The Kazakhs are feeling the pinch and pour without too many ideas forward, allowing still Valenti to score on the break a goal of security setting the final result on 6-3 at minute 35. The last five minutes are a walkway for our Gozi (replaced in the meantime Redivo) that showcases with two super saves to kill the match. There is time for another two free throws, one for each side, which however have to go off on the bottom leaving unchanged a result actually never really been questioned: the whistle finally arrives, and sends us to play it for the first time the final of a European championship.

What you told us this match? First of all that no matter how it turns our kids deserve special praise: after onset with an unfortunate and undeserved defeat, Italy was able to roll up their sleeves and work with determination in view of subsequent commitments. In addition to purely technical reviews on the subject, we hear of preparing us to emphasize the important test of maturity of the whole team: the biggest risk, after the elimination of favored, of Belarus, it was to underestimate their opponents today. Well, all this has not happened: the great teams are built before with technical values and tactics instruction, with humility, and this Italy has proven to have to sell. Therefore, waiting for our opponent in the final, we turn once again a big thanks to all the athletes and the technical staff of the National, which never as today have brought honor to the whole movement of the Italian football hall.

Markers: Monti 6 ‘, 9’, 26 ‘; Thiago Costa 15 ‘; Valenti 34 ‘and 35’.

Forza Italy!