The enterprise is served: Italy beat Belarus 1-0 and flies in the semifinals!

Egorevsk, May 26, 2016.

When yesterday the Czech Republic beat Israel in more than someone ran a few curses against misfortune: Yes, because if that penalty in the opening match against the Czechs had not printed against the crossbar, it would have had a quarter final on smoother paper, against Norway. This was the thinking of many when we have ascertained that the first opponent we faced with the direct elimination formula would be the most difficult of the whole tournament, Belarus champion.

With the knowledge of those who know that they face the strongest once the Azzurri we have approached this match. Anyone who has seen the match, however, will have noticed right away how our boys are taken to the field with that order and tactical racing spark of those who have awe and sincerely believes in the historical enterprise. And yes, the adjective is no exaggeration: Belarus, perhaps surprised by the organization and by the temperament of Mr. Del Giudice boys, tried to build the game with his usual enveloping maneuver, however, thwarted by the blue wall; and those reading this think that our national has resulted playing sparagnina defensively with typical Italian mentality, you’re wrong: the proof are the three poles hit by Alemão and Thiago Costa. This certifies the fact that Italy has played a magnificent game, where, in points, we would have deserved to win the first, given the large amount of chances created. Aldo Redivo, for its part, stood for a few, decisive saves you expect from a goalkeeper of great level: just when it was necessary to his speech, our goalkeeper responded with this miraculous interventions that have kept the score on 0-0.

The Belarusians, perhaps because of the impossibility of managing their typical phrasing, have become gradually more and more nervous, aware that the game was not heading to the desired tracks: 38 minutes then comes the sixth personal foul of Nalivaika, which enshrines the free throw for our national team. At bat it comes Orazio Valenti striking down the goalkeeper Belarusian Valasiuk and brings us the lead after 39 minutes The rest is a long minute flowing without great dangers, projecting straight semifinal where will face Kazakhstan, fresh from the success against France.

What remains of this match? Today’s final fourth was sweaty, but then companies are not obtained without difficulty. This Italian has made a real sporting challenge that gives prestige to the whole movement of the Italian football hall: thinking to oust Belarusian champions at the start of this tournament seemed a utopia, yet Italy has managed to achieve this target thanks to an extraordinary display made of self-sacrifice, self-denial and that organization tactic that our coach Del Giudice was able to give to our national. Now our children will have to be good at managing the pressure of those who have eliminated the best and can not shake off the expectations of demanding the title will therefore be the task of our coach to work, as well as the organization of the game, even on the head of our players.

Scorers: Valenti 39 ‘(Italy).

Forza Italy!