UEFS Euro2016: speculate about the knockout stages.

The group stage of the European Championship is not over yet, but some calculations on the challenges facing Italy you can already venture. From the draw, the winner of our group will be paired against the third of group B, that of Russia, France and Norway. And ‘realistic to expect that Russia, with a strong technical superiority and a total rest day, tomorrow go to defeat the Norwegians (who were defeated today by France), going to take firmly the head of the group. It will therefore be essential for us the outcome of tomorrow’s match between the two teams in our group, Israel (today beaten 7-2 but gave the most trouble than the result does not make us think) and the Czech Republic (who instead defeated us on penalties in their opening match). To hope for a draw on smoother paper, in short, we have to cheer for the Israeli team, but if, as appears likely, the Czech Republic will have the best, then we would end up facing the reigning champions of Belarus.

Arrived at this point of the event, however, it is no longer the time to make calculations: all teams are tough and very prepared, and if we want to show what we’re made of, you need to be ready to face any opponent.

Forza Italy!