Italy, the second good! The National overwhelms Israel 7-2.

Egorevsk, May 24, 2016.

Twenty-two years later, Italy meets again Israel. The last meeting was during the World Championship in Argentina in 1994, where the Israelis had imposed 4-2. The story, in short, we do not comforted in approaching this match. In fact, we needed to win to ward off ghosts of defeat yesterday, albeit undeserved, so it was. But Italy was not limited to this: he won, hands down and even convinced. And ‘in fact necessary to emphasize the extraordinary display of coach Del Giudice guys? They were gone in the first minute of the game with Israel that leads at 0-1 thanks to goals from Hali. The cold shower does not decomposes blue, jogging after only fifteen seconds with Thiago Costa. The game takes place on a good pace, but Israel takes advantage of a defensive carelessness of our rearguard and returns the lead after 7 minutes thanks to Tomer network. It seems another difficult game, but the Azzurri look at each other, react furiously and show all their qualities starting to grind the game of high pace and not allowing anything to the Israelis: even Thiago Costa even the score after 11 minutes, and Valenti It brings us even lead reiterating the net a free kick by Villa. On the other hand, Israel does grace missed a empty net goal, and with this thrill even ends the first half of the match with the Azzurri the lead to 3-2.

The second half began as the first had ended: Italy keeps the ball game without risking practically nothing but not being able to go to the door, and Israel defends with great physicality. The game, at this stage, it is genuinely ugly. However, we think the blue attack with a spectacular triangulation Edu Dias-Alemão-Monti to revive the match and the network send the number 4 blue, setting the score at 4-2. At this point Israel poured forward to try to close the gap, but our defense is tidy and with a textbook counterattack take advantage of the spaces granted by the Israelis for The scorer of 5-2 with Alemão and a handful of seconds later even with Valenti, who leads 6-2 and earns the prize for best player of the match. Despite what might suggest the score, however, the formation led by Isakoov coach is anything but tame: serves one of the best saves of the repertoire of our Gozi to keep the tension high and repel the attack of our adversaries, that , by now exhausted, suffer the goal scored by Licini for the final 7-2. Mr. Del Giudice sends in Usai captain to handle the ball in the last minute and lead our education to victory, finally sanctioned by the whistle of Mr. Shupilov. Italy triumphs in a not so easy game against the toughest opponents, combative and determined: our boys will rest at this point pending the outcome of tomorrow’s match between Israel and the Czech Republic, crucial to know who will pass as first group A .

What you told us this match? Surely that Italy has character: today was not possible to make mistakes because of yesterday’s defeat against the Czech Republic, and the guys at Del Giudice mister did not do it, knowing well handle the pressure arising from this awareness and exacerbated by the double disadvantage that he could blow up the nerves. Blue instead have been able to react with determination and awareness in their means, pouring in fact the pressure on the shoulders of the Czechs, who at this point will have to win at all costs tomorrow to make sure the transition as top of the class in our group.

Scorers: Hali 1 ‘(Israel), Thiago Costa 2’ and 11 ‘(Italy), Tomer 7’ (Israel), Valenti 17 ‘and 33’ (Italy), Monti 32 ‘(Italy), Alemão 33’ (Italy) , Licini 38 ‘(Italy).

Standings Group A: Italy 4 (a game more, ed), Czech Republic 2 (a game in hand, ed), Israel 0.