Ironic debut for Italy: with the Czechs defeated on penalties 4-3.

It was ironic this debut for our national Europeans to Egorevsk. Ironic because the only defeat came on penalties, a symptom of a very balanced match where it would not be right that there were winners or losers, but that’s football Sala. The first half was very balanced, with the two teams that alternate study to sudden attacks phases, the result of which is to put into rewriting the great reactivity of both goalkeepers: our Aldo Redivo -then named best player – Czech Beránek engage in a fight at a distance with no holds barred (or rather, the parades) that lead the two teams to rest on the zero score to zero.

The balance is disrupted by the Czech gol of Netolický, which leads our opponents in the lead: the boys led by Mr. Del Giudice does not break down and tie contend with Thiago Costa, re-setting the result on equality. The stakes are high, and the match remains tense: various interventions rather rude mark the second half of the match, which ended 1-1.

You make it so necessary on penalties: goalkeeper Czech Beránek makes way for technical choice to connect Kuničky, while defending our poles remains Aldo Redivo: the lottery of penalties rewards the Czechs, who are victorious 3-2. Both goalkeepers were protagonists thanks to a head Parade: Italy accounts for a penalty kick over the bar, which marks the victory of the Czech Republic.

What remains of this defeat? Surely the feeling of being at the competition: Italy is a prepared team, which reacted with maturity to the benefit of our opponents. So, we turn now head to tomorrow’s match against Israel, decisive for our European path.

Standings Group A: Czech Republic 2, Italy 1, Israel 0 (1 game in hand, ndr)