All in one night: it imposes Lainate fotofinish

It took place yesterday evening the first of our summer tournaments, the “Into the Night“: at the start there were Lainate Futsal, Athletic Lombardo and Las Palmas. But how did it go?

In fact, the surprises were limited: if someone was expecting a downsizing of Lainate Futsal, is mistaken: the lainatesi fact reached the final demolishing Atletico Lombardo with a 8-1 score.

Atletico failed to refer even in the second match against Las Palmas, which has prevailed with a 1-4 Round.

The final Lainate Futsal-Las Palmas was a true spectacle: the two teams seemed to drag on into extra time the score of 3-3, but 20 seconds after a free kick by Matteo Monti gave the victory to lainatesi.

Undisputed MVP is Alessio Vercillo, stealer of the evening with 7 networks.

Here are the full results:

Lainate Futsal Atletico Lombardo 8-1

Atletico Lombardo-Las Palmas 1-4

Lainate-Las Palmas 4-3.