Little Mundialito: here are the future champions!

On the final day of the Mundialito Cup Tournament it was also held the triangular “Little Mundialito” where teams of debutants 2003 from A.S.D. Sparta Novara, A.S.D. Borgovercelli, A.S.D. Olimpia S. Agabio faced to conquer the competition.

The guys put heart and passion to bring home the result, and in fact all the games were hard-fought, considering that both Sparta Novara – Borgovercelli and Gabrielle S. Agabio – Borgovercelli ended with the 2-2 result, only the penalties allowed Sparta Novara first and Borgovercelli after to have the edge over their opponents; during the last game, instead, Sparta Novara has imposed over the Olimpia thus winning the trophy.