In the first half Italy after going at a disadvantage with Dillien goals, manages to break even thanks to the unpredictable man, Caddeo, that after a conclusion rebound by Villa, takes the ball and places it behind Maes, the 2- 1 arrives shortly afterwards with a spectacular action by Licini: receives long ball, defends and ends, the Azzurri put themselves ahead 3-1 with a fantastic acceleration of Barboza, from that moment the pressure of Belgium becomes suffocating and Dillien succeeds finding the point of 3-2 with a heel goal thanks to a distraction of Barboza. Bagarin then falls into the chair parrying the possible and the impossible as a conclusion deflected with the tip of the big toe out the door, and a penalty.
In the second half the Belgians is very enthusiastic and finds the draw with Channouf and overcoming the Azzurri with a bomb on punishment of the latter, at this point with the heart Italy is 4-4 with Barboza on counterattack but the 2 Dillien nets close their dreams of victory, the Kissami next net only serves to seal the Belgian success with the 7-4 result.

Italy walks tall from the competition having stood up to one of the strongest national team in the world and having left everything on the field, if Del Giudice wanted an answer from her he had indeed.

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