The Legendary Match: the champions are back!

Last Sunday, March 13, took place the event The Legendary Match” event which saw challenge each on the field again different old glories of Football Sala.

The matchthat took place at PalaCairoli of Laianate allowed us to look back again with the shoes at the foot various legends of the sport such as: the “Little Spider Benito Ceccarelli, Gianni “Rocky” Olive, the Recordman of appearances the national team Licini Luca, Stefano Usai the most successful player in the history of the Italian Football Hall, the largest ever Goleador Giuseppe Bua and again Mbow, Palmieri, Battle, Galella, Lisi, Gagliardi just to name a few.

The event was an opportunity to review and regain with a ball at his feet the heroes that have made this sport in Italy and that even after a long time have maintained the talent that has always distinguished them, the match ended with the result of 12-12 between the Representative FIFS Vintage el ‘Hickory Classic.

The episode absolutely curious and possibly unique in the race that most represents the fun of the evening they were the first two goals that have opened the scoring for the Representative FIFS Vintage scored the first goal Giuseppe Bua, while for ‘ Hickory opened the scoring …. always Beppe Bua who in the meantime had changed teams during the match proving the innate sense of goal that has always distinguished him in his career, and that led him to break through the wall of the 500 goals scored.

Here you can find the filming of the game:


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