Were concluded Finals Open: following are the results

In the day of Sunday, March 6 was played the Final Day of the Open Championship 2015- 2016.

The last match day of the 1st Division, played in the morning, he decreed the final victory of Saronno Robur CLS, arrived at finish line in front of the direct competitor, Gea Ticinia Novara. Both at 15 points, the team Saronno makes his the championship thanks to better goal difference.

Here are the complete results:

– Bresso 4 vs Gea Ticinia Novara (0 – 12)
– Cascina Vittuone Special vs Saronno Robur CLS (5-12)

The Gea Ticinia Novara redeems itself completely in the 2nd Division Championship, which ended in a victory thanks to two points behind the first follower, the Special Onlus Arluno. Determining the draw latter against the Dancing Garden and the victory of new champions against Cuggiono Ticino.

Here are the complete results:

– Special Onlus Arluno vs Giardino Danzante (4-4)
– Gea Ticinia Novara vs Ticino Cuggiono (12-5)

They arrived also the verdicts of the Championship of the 3rd Division, he saw playing in the day relevant Finals to declare the names of the teams from the first to the eighth classified. In the final for 1st and 2nd place to dull is the Special Onlus Arluno over rivals Associazione Sorriso, beaten with a single-goal margin.

Here are the complete results:

1°-2° place: Special Onlus Arluno vs Associazione Sorriso (6-5)
3°-4° place: Oratorio Lainate Ragazzi – Gea Ticinia Novara (5-4 dcr)
5°-6° place: Bresso 4 – Cascina Vittuone Special (5-4)
7°-8° place: Superhabily – Polisportiva Milanese (2-6)

The final verdict is that of the 4th Division of the Open Championship. The winning team, the Oratorio Lainate Ragazzi, confronted and defeated during of this day the last classified of the 3rd Division Championship, the Ticinio Cuggiono. Decided during the day the positions of the ranking from 2nd to 5th place.

Here are the complete results:

Ticino Cuggiono vs Oratorio Lainate Ragazzi (4-6)
2°-3° posto: ASD Tremolada – Accademia Milano (0-3)
4°-5° posto: Gea Ticinia Novara – Special Onlus Arluno (8-6)

Here are the complete results:


Risultati Finali OPen





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